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Seasonal Attention Prevents Roof Problems Charlotte

Although many roof problems are easy to fix they are typically ignored until damage has accumulated into a costly Charlotte roof repair expense. Sure. Addressing household maintenance issues can be a pain. However, if your fail to give your Charlotte roof seasonal attention, you may be permitting a minor roof failure to expand into a full-fledged water problem. Yet simple seasonal roof maintenance can prevent so much cost, waste and internal home damage.

The following list is not a self-diagnostic roofing repair guide. It is, however, an informative list of roof problems that are most common causes of roof failure:

1) Substandard Installation

Being a highly engineered construction means that your Charlotte roof has many points where failure can occur. Reputable roofing contractors know and follow the roof construction standards and laws appropriate to the Charlotte Metro regional home system.

2) Lack of Flashing

Flashing is essential to creating a reliable roofing system. However, some Charlotte roofing contractors have been know to save money by ignoring the need for installed flashing. Don’t get caught with your flashing off.

3) Roof leaks and moisture

Roof leaks can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes it has to do with a lack of flashing, a nail in the wrong spot, or even a built-up roof (BUR) that your Charlotte roof installer failed to fasten properly. Your seasonal roof inspection should include examination of any point where moisture infiltration has occurred.

4) Use of Mismatched MaterialsIce dams on a Slate roof

It’s a sad thing, but some home improvement contractors have no sense of aesthetic shingle, metal and tile matching concepts. But mismatching roof materials involves even more that looks and curb appeal. Certain mismatched roofing components such as copper and iron can even promote radically quicker deterioration of your roof. Thus, roof failure becomes an early certainty. Quality roof service contractors don’t make such foolish mistakes.

5) Third-Party Damage

Look out for and check behind third-party vendors. If the satellite man or the siding contractor damages your roof, you need to catch the damage early. Immediately behind such services, you should schedule a roof maintenance checkup. Why pay for a roof failure that belongs in the expense bucket of the cable provider?

6) No Preventative Maintenance

Be it a car engine or be it your Certainteed roof shingles, lack of preventative maintenance is a primary reason for product failure. This is a worthwhile investment: Have a professional Charlotte roofing contractor walk your roof once per year. Early spotting and fixing of potential roof problems is much less costly than replacing the underlying wood framework.

7) Blow-Offs, Tenting, Reduced Wind Uplift Resistance, And Billowing

Leakage is only one aspect of incorrectly installed roof flashing. On hot-bituminous roofs, poorly installed flashing can result in gaping seams and faulty laps. The end result: blow-offs, code violations, and damage due to an ineffective puncture resistance. Likewise on torch-applied mod bit roof systems as well as hot-bituminous roofs, ineffective gravel embedment coupled with inadequate use of fasteners in the base sheet can result in excessive roof failure. .

8) Poor Installation And Unsatisfactory Workmanship

Roof installation – a work of crucial beginnings. You pay good money for a quality roofing product and a supposed reliable installation job. The life expectancy of the product is 30 to 50 years – if correctly installed. Seek proven quality workmanship. Ask for documentation on bonding, insurance and licensing. Investigate the references. And get your guarantee in writing.

9) Improper Repairs

Many roof failures are a direct result of application of materials not designed for a specific type of roof. Professional Charlotte roofers know the distinctions between components necessary for repairing an asphalt-shingled roof versus a metal roof. Likewise it is with other roofing materials. Using improper roofing repair components are at best, a temporary solution, and at worse can make the prevailing roofing problem even more severe.


Ponding Water

raindrop background plugWater that cannot runoff in the conventional manner eventually seeps through all obstacles so that internal home damage is the only outlet. If your failed roofing system includes ponding water, find the cause before fixing the leakage.

11) Shrinkage And Blistering

Blistering and delamination often accompany spray polyurethane foam installation over wet substrate. Even if a blister is not worth fixing, trained roofers understand the symptomatic roofing problems associated with BUR systems. Blistering, ridging, splitting and surface erosion may not demand critical attention, but yourCharlotte roofing contractor most know the when and the how of any given situation.

12) Shingle Deterioration

Worn shingles tend to curl, split and decline in efficient water repelling effectiveness. Structural rot and interior home damage will soon follow suit. Catching the situation before the signs of roof failure become apparent to the casual observer will almost always reduce the cost for roof repair.

Right Way Exterior Solutions – Fixing Your Charlotte Roofing Problems Today

For professional, timely, and reasonably priced home roof installation or home roof repairs, contact Mark Zimmerman at Right Way Exterior Solutions ( Ensuring a quality installation or repair is our job. Ensuring that your Charlotte home roof receives yearly maintenance is your job. Early detection of roofing problems saves your home from excessive damage due to a failed roofing system.



Necessity of Ladder Safety When Performing Charlotte Roofing Services

Performing Charlotte roofing services without practicing essential ladder safety can result in serious personal injury. Simple common sense precautions may prevent you and your family from having to endure the pain, frustrations and financial difficulties that can follow a fall-related disaster.

These Charlotte roofing tips are designed to make it safer and easier for you to work on your gutters, roof, siding and other home exterior projects. Failing to follow basic climbing safety procedures can also cause property damage. You don’t want to bend your gutters or scratch your cedar siding or watch a ladder crash through the kitchen window. When handling DIY Charlotte roofing services proper ladder safety helps you protect yourself and avoid beating up your home.

Charlotte Roofing Services Tips – Working With Ladders Safely

In April 2013, WCNC news reported an incident that expresses the dangers of error in ladder safety (1). It happened at Charlotte Douglas. The employee of an airport tenant fell from a ladder that was extended to the rooftop of the main terminal building. Enduring potentially life-threatening injuries during the fall, the victim ended up stranded on the roof. Help arrived in the form of the Charlotte Fire Department. The employee was eventually transported to CMC Main.

Charlotte roofing services can be dangerous. Working safely with ladders is critical to employees, DIY homeowners and the owners of Charlotte Roofing Contractor companies.

The United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration provides the following recommended ladder safety do list (2):

  • Never climb or descend without facing the ladder
  • Practice the 3-point contact rule: 1) Both hands and a foot or 2) Both feet and a hand
  • Remain between the ladder’s side rails
  • Wipe away slippery substances or materials before placing the ladder for the climb
  • When possible, extend the ladder three-foot above the landing
  • Use caution when exiting the ladder at the top or the bottom
  • Avoid leaning sideways or stepping from too high so that you miss a rung.
  • Never climb or descend with objects in your hands.

OSHA reports also include a ladder safety DO NOT list. Do not:

  • Misuse an extension ladder. They are not horizontal platforms, temporary staircases or bridges.
  • Allow anyone to move of shift an occupied ladder.
  • Join two ladders together in any manner, including welding
  • Overload a ladder
  • Stand the ladder on any unstable surface, including barrels, soft ground or makeshift stands.

Other Charlotte Roofing Services Ladder Safety Tips

Although typically used for indoor Charlotte painting, no discussion of ladder-related safety issues would be complete without addressing stepladders. Portable, self-supporting ladders are typically designed as an A-frame with equal length legs. However, the modern handy-dandy adjustable stepladder may take on some peculiar shapes. This also increases the danger of falls.

When using a stepladder for your Charlotte roofing services, make certain that you do not exceed the ladder’s manufacturer-stated weight limit. Additionally, you should not:

  • Use a damaged stepladder
  • Stand on the top cap or the top step of the ladder
  • Place a metal stepladder near electrical wiring or electrical equipment
  • Extend your reach or your body beyond the ladder side rails
  • Unlock the ladder spreaders
  • Stand the ladder on unstable ground
  • Ignore the 3-point contact rule during climbing or descending
  • Use the stepladder for any purpose other than that recommended by the manufacturer.

Ladder Safety, Charlotte Roofing Tips By Zimmerman Enterprises Charlotte Kanga Roof

This safety with ladders article is offered as a component of the Zimmerman Charlotte roofing tips project. We want Charlotte homeowners to know what to expect when dealing with roofing repair, roof replacement or roof installation. We want your business enough to share our experience on a no obligation basis.

Here are a few closing tips for working safely with a ladder:

  • Always use a spotter to hold the ladder stable at the base
  • If the ground is not suitable for level mounting, use wood blocks and stakes to ensure stabilization
  • When you must lean the ladder against your gutters, prevent damage by straddling the runners over spikes and hangers
  • Always tie off the ladder at the top
  • Never step on a rung that is higher than the fulcrum rest of the ladder.



Charlotte Roof Repair: Tricky If Not Correctly Diagnosed

Correctly diagnosing your need for a roof repair Charlotte expert can be tricky. Not all signs of roof trouble are obvious to homeowners. Finding the right solution compounds the issue. Physical leaks may be evident by plain signs of water damage. However other evidence of roofing failure can be subtle

Look for anything in the following three categories:

Changes in Colors Often Reflect Damaged Roofing

  • Discoloration – The causes of shingle discoloration are many. For example: Excessive moisture nearly always promotes the growth of algae and mold. Likewise, color fading indicates excessive loss of shingle granule. Either of these indicates your need to contact roof repair Charlotte services.
  • Mold – Inadequate attic ventilation often results in moisture buildup. This can cause mildew and mold to show up on your ceilings and/or walls.
  • Interior Stains – A leaky roof nearly always ends up causing stains on the ceilings of your home. The causes can be many, but a misaligned shingle underlayment is something that the average Charlotte roof repair inspection may miss.

Roofing Compromise Evidenced By Appearance

  • Blistering – Also marked by peeling paint on the inside or outside of your home, blistering is an earmark of increased humidity due to poor attic ventilation
  • Dents – Also including chips out of the shingles or dings in metal roofing, dents indicate hail damage
  • Siding Issues – Sometimes linked to attic ventilation problems that trap heat, buckled, decayed or discolored siding can reveal the presence of roof trouble
  • Missing Roofing Materials – Although common to homes roofed with short-life asphalt shingles, wind and storm can damage or strip away metal, wood and even tile roofing
  • Shingle Separation – When shingles age, heat and weather can cause a widening in the spaces between shingle tabs. Eventually water will find an entrance into your attic.

Water – A Leaky Roof is the Horror of Every Homeowner

  • Water Condensation – Typically seen on the underside of your roof sheathing, water condensation is a sign that your attic is trapping moisture.
  • Leakage In the Attic – Poor metal flashing, torn shingles, missing shingles, faulty underlayment and host of other roofing failures can be associated with leakage in the attic. Call for a roof inspection ASAP.
  • Leakage That Reaches the Interior Ceilings – Everything from a leak in chimney flashing to missing nails and from torn sheathing to missing shingles can result in serious damage to your interior ceilings. Don’t permit such a problem to go untreated.

Questions to Ask Your Roof Repair Charlotte Contractor

Before leaping into the process of finding a reliable roof repair Charlotteprofessional, consider one final and often overlooked sign of roof trouble. Though it seems strange, an unusual increase in your energy bill can reflect roofing problems. For example: An increase in summer cooling costs may indicate that your attic ventilation system is failing. Likewise, an increase in your heating costs may indicate moisture in the attic and water accumulation on the installed insulation resulting in a reduction in R-value.

But what do you look for in a Charlotte roofing contractor? How do you know who is earnest, local and stable? Start by avoiding any roofing contractors that show up randomly at your doors. Don’t even permit them to inspect your roof: Some scam-roofers have been known to create damage in order to make a sale. Also follow these tips:

  • Get and check the company’s license, insurance and bonding information
  • Get a functional local contact number
  • Ask for and check referrals
  • Get the contract in writing
  • Never permit your contractor to arrange your lending contract. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the “Home Improvement” loan scam is a primary way that shady contractors rip customers while still managing to slip within the limits of legal theft (1).
  • Get the names and identity information of any subcontractors
  • Get evidence that the Charlotte roofing contractor is experienced in projects that involve the same materials and services as are needed on your home.



Six Wonderful Tips For Avoiding The Cost of Professional Roof Service

Although professional roof service remains among the most reasonably priced areas of exterior home improvement, following these tips can help you save even more cash. Roofing-related horror stories abound wherein homeowners share the tales of encountered problems and accumulated roof and interior home damage. A compromised roof can lead to tons of problems – problems that extent throughout your home. The following tips are designed to help you prevent and/or reduce the need for professional roofing repairs.Bonus tips cover critter damage to your entire home as well as the roof.


Roof Service -- Not Just keeping out water

1) Ventilation Pipes

Even on a relatively new roof, the boots around ventilation pipes can result in water seepage into the interior of your home. So do a yearly inspection. Even a little seepage around the pipe boots can result in long-term serious water problems. If your inspection turns up a problem with the boot on any of your ventilation pipes, roof service becomes an immediate necessity. For best assurances of a proper repair, call in a pro roofer, but if you do choose to do the roof repairs on your own, make certain that you get the right sized boot for the pipe in question.

TIP! Aside from leaks and other roof problems, you also have to worry about unwanted critters stopping by to visit or even to stay for a spell. On occasion, go through the foundation and roof of your house to ensure that there are no cracks or holes that pests can get into. If you find any, make sure you seal them up as soon as possible.

2) Attic Inspection

Whether your attic is roomy or tight, yearly inspections from inside the attic may help you avoid the expense of a major inside/outside interior/exterior home repair job. One great way to identify slow leaks:

A) Wait for a rainy night
B) Go into the attic at night
C) Turn out the attic lights
D) Use a flashlight and look for the glimmer of falling water, glittery beams, and even spot flashes on the insulation.

Respond with purpose and authority over any sign of leakage. If you can’t pinpoint the source of the leak on your own, call in a reliable roof service or exterior solutions contractor.

TIP! Rats, mice and bats. Avoid  planting trees near the house. When trees are too close, rodents can climb them and get into your attic and roof. Next thing you know, roof service becomes a necessity.

3) Choosing a Roofing Contractor

As in any business, experience plays almost as great a role as does licenses and insurance. When checking out a roofing company, question their level of experience as well as their legal documentation. Ask for older references so that you can physically confirm the age of the business. Run a WhoIs Domain check to see how long the company website has existed. Look for the line labeled “Creation Date.” And don’t go by the images displayed in the website portfolio. Online reviews, testimonials, images of previous jobs can be easily faked. The longer a roof service company has been in business, the less likely that the website displays incorrect information. So just use every-day common sense.

Even on work performed via insurance coverage, legitimate roofing or exterior solutions contractors do not demand upfront payment. Also, legitimate roof inspectors don’t mind working under the eyes of the homeowner. Finally: Legitimate roof service contractors never do random door-to-door sales and they always put the contract on paper.

4) DIY Roofing

Wet roofs can be deadly roofs. Avoid any DIY roofing services during bad weather – including high winds as well as rain, sleet, and snow. Plan your job with wisdom. Sometimes installing a tarp for temporary protection is better than making roof repairs in a rush. One fall can set you back far more than any DIY roofing project will ever save. If you don’t have the right equipment, proper safety devices, and reliable climbing aids, call for a professional roof service company. It will make your life easier.

TIP! Make sure your home’s roof and water sills are draining properly. Standing water can lead to pests.

Roof Damage Watch For Critters5) Other Signs of a Leaky Roof

Although some roof leaks are difficult to track, many leaks result in telltale interior home damage. If you notice water stains on your ceilings, bubbled paint in the upper regions of the outer walls, or sponginess along any wall or ceiling, check for a leaky roof. Spotting these warning signs early may save you bundles on interior repairs as well as exterior roof service work. A postponed roof repair is a guarantee of higher future expenses.

6) Roof Repair

Before beginning your roof repair project, inspect the entire roof. At first glance, damage may seem limited to an area around a skylight or a venting fan, but this may merely be the most obvious trouble spot. Walk the entire roof. A localized leak can be the breakout point of a problem that begins elsewhere. A careful and complete outside roof inspection helps ensure that your roof service project doesn’t come up short on solving the problem.

Also, when working on the roof, siding, windows or any other exterior region of your home that requires use of ladders, off-ground services or any other risky home repair activities, work in teams. Even if you work alone in the high areas, plan that someone remains available to keep routine check on your safety. An ounce of prevention is the best medicine, but quick discovery goes far toward preventing the need for even longer-term medical treatment.

TIP! When you find earwigs in your home, this means there is a point of entry they’ve located outside. Fill any cracks or holes you see on your home, from roof to foundation, to stop them from getting inside.

Roof Service Is Never a Minor Issue

It may seem that a slight drip that produces minor damage does not require immediate repair. That is an error in thinking. Once a shingle or two have blown off, it’s much easier for the wind to get underneath the rest and blow them off too, one-by-one. Service your roof quickly. Minimize the damage. Save yourself money in the short-haul and the long haul.

Many a sad homeowner can tell a painful tale of delayed roof service and the costs thereof. Heeding the tips in this article can help keep your roof intact, secure, and reliable. When it comes to home exterior solutions, a little care goes a long way toward reducing the need for more serious home repairs and home maintenance expenses.

TIP! Carpenter ants are attracted to damp wood; therefore, if you notice an increase in carpenter ants, check your pipes and roof for leaks. Once you have found where your problem is located, fix the leak and replace the wood to help quickly rid your home of carpenter ants.