Siding Overview

Adding new siding to your home or commercial building will not only create a new look, but it will also increase the value of your property and play an important role maintaining its energy efficiency if done the right way. Right Way Exterior Solutions knows that high-quality siding that can withstand different weather conditions is very important. We have the years of experience and use the best material for your siding projects that will stand the test of time.

Anytime we take on a new siding project, we do a complete evaluation of your home or building. This is our three step process:

  • Test for structural integrity
  • Insulation Considerations
  • Discuss long-term goals for your property


Based on the results of our evaluation, we will provide you with the Right estimate on the type of siding you choose.

Advantages for investing in exterior siding for your property

  1. Has potential to increase value to the property
  2. Boost or maintain your building’s energy efficiency
  3. Update the look and style


Call today and find out how Right Way Exterior Solutions can answer your questions and help you choose the RIGHT siding solution for your property.

Smart Solutions For Our Clients

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the most popular choice for home siding on new homes in the U.S. It is tough, durable, and widely available in many styles and colors. Color permeates the material and won’t reveal nicks and scratches.

Today’s standards ensure that vinyl siding will maintain its shape in extreme temperatures, provide resistance to high winds, retain its color, and meet or exceed other manufacturer claims.

We use the best Quality in the Market. For any questions please contact us.




insulated siding philadelphia

It is no secret that cost is a big factor when it comes to choosing the best material to clad your home, which is why twice as many homeowners in the United States side their homes with exterior vinyl siding than any other material on the market. Taking it one step further, Insulated Vinyl Siding is a cost effect,  also save you money on your home’s heating and cooling costs!

Compared to traditional vinyl siding, it’s insulated vinyl counterpart increases the R-value of your home which means reduced energy bills throughout the year. Insulated vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors to choose from and requires little to no maintenance. Insulated vinyl siding also offers better weather performance and better sound control properties than traditional siding.

Metal Siding

The popularity — and availability — of steel and aluminum siding is waning because vinyl has evolved as the better low-cost option. Metal siding comes in many prefinished colors and features styles that mimic wood. Modern metal sidings are dent-resistant, insect- and fire-proof, and require little maintenance. With proper care, steel and aluminum siding will last more than 50 years.


Fiber-cement siding is made from a mixture of wood fibers, Portland cement, clay, and sand. It’s slowly gaining market share as consumers become more aware of its rugged durability, low maintenance, and weather-resistance. Because it’s made from a liquid cementitious mixture, it can be molded to closely resemble painted wood, stucco, or masonry. It’s also termite-proof, fire-resistant, and doesn’t rot. A 30-year warranty is standard.


Wood siding comes in many species and grades, and what you select—and pay—depends on how you plan to finish the material. If you want the natural beauty of wood to show through a clear or semi-transparent stain, you’ll need to opt for more expensive grades with fewer knots and other defects. If you plan to paint or use an opaque stain, you can select less expensive grades of wood. At Right Way Exterior Solutions will give you the best advices and options.

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