When your family is ready to relocate, Charlotte NC may provide the best well-rounded opportunity for a growing family, a single lifestyle, or seniors with an eye for pleasant retirement in a well-developed city with an expanded nearby suburban community. As America’s second largest center for banking and financial resources, the Queen City sets a welcoming career path to new comers as well as current residents. But jobs and financial resources are only part of the options that await people who share in the growing desire for change in lifestyle, entertainment, and education options.

Charlotte has long reigned as the largest city in NC. Over one million people live in or around the core of metropolitan area. Many come for enhanced educational options such as those available at the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) down of Elizabeth Ave. or with a desire for campus life at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) on Hwy 49 just south of Harrisburg, NC.

No matter your reason for the relocate Charlotte NC move, here are some tips to help you get here quicker, setup rapidly, and settle in fully and firmly to a comfortable Queen City lifestyle.

 1) Relocate Charlotte NC – Traffic Congestion

Although sometimes wild in activity, Charlotte traffic is typically pleasant. But you know that big cities nearly always endure some traffic congestion. Monday to Friday from 8 to 9:30 a.m. and from 4:30 to 7 p.m. mark the Interstate “horror” span. Plan you move so that you miss these hours. Also perform a pre-check for local special activities such as a NASCAR blast at the local speedway or a current entertainment at the PNC Music Pavilion. These two nearly always ramp up traffic on the north side near UNCC and on Hwy 29-North. But you need also pay attention to times and schedules for local sporting events.

2) Moving To Queen City – Weather Awareness

Thankfully, Charlotte weather is normally kind and gentle. The US Climate Data Center list the annual Charlotte high temperature at 70.8°F and the low at 48.8°F (1). Now we get some really hot days and sometimes some really cold days. So do the research. As to Charlotte rainfall, the Climate Center reports an annual Queen City precipitation average of 41.63 inches. Seasons come and go, and sometimes there seems little distinction. However, summer temperatures can make you work up a decent sweat. So if moving during the hotter months, schedule just behind the am or pm traffic swell.

3) Relocate Charlotte NC – Moving Permits

Although not often necessary for routine moving patterns, use of a heavy van or moving truck may require that your relocate Charlotte NC plans include a Right of Way Use Permit. To learn more, check with the Charlotte Department of Transportation. In past times, the permits have been provided free. We cannot vouch for what the future may bear. Good point: Residential relocation in Charlotte seldom requires acquisition of the Right of Way Use Permit.

Moving To Charlotte – Pre-Scheduling Necessary Services

Whether buying into a new Charlotte home or merely relocating into a used home, your residences may require HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing and/or other home improvement services. So don’t let your relocate Charlotte NC move crash before you begin. We can’t help you with all of these issues, but if roof repair orroof replacement services are one of your needs, Right Way Exterior Solutions, LLC desires your business. Give us a call, Now.